some of our favourite tipples
Perfect after dinner, after a walk or watching the sun go down in the garden…
cider brandies
from the somerset distillery
Somerset Royal Three Year Old £2.50
Somerset Five Year Old £2.75
Somerset Ten Year Old £3.00
Somerset Alchemy Fifteen Year Old £3.50
whiskeys 25ml
Glenmorangie Ten Year Old Highlands £3.65
Highland Park 12 Year Old Islands £3.65
Macallan Sherry Oak Ten Year Old Speyside £3.65
Talisker Ten Year Old Islands £3.65
Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Speyside £3.65
Caol Isla 12 Year Old Islay £4.35
other favourites 25ml
Blackwell’s Fine Jamaican Rum Black Gold, the Landlord’s favourite! £3.50
Voyer VS Grande Champagne Cognac £3.00
Marolo Moscato or Marolo Barbaresco Grappa £3.45
Belle de Brillet Pear infused Cognac Liqueur £2.50
Coffee Herring Chocolate & Coffee infused Rum Liqueur £2.50
Clement Creole Shrub Orange infused Rum Liqueur £2.50
And some new bottled beers not to be missed
Meantime Chocolate Porter and Raspberry Wheat, BrewDog IPA,
Goose Island IPA and an amazing traditional Perry from Dunkertons
Somerset Pomona
This is a truly unique English Apple Liqueur from the Somerset Distillery well worth investigating: goes superbly with a cheese board.