The Jerk Shak Event Catering
the jerkshak event catering
bring a genuine taste of the caribbean
to your party, function or event.
IF YOUR PARTY OR FUNCTION needs the sizzle of some real Caribbean heat, then you're in luck. Nicki and the Jerkshak catering crew are now available for hire for your event. You and your guests can enjoy the genuine taste of Jamaican with such delights as jerk chicken, curried goat, ackee and saltfish, rich and peas, callaloo and patties, cooked and served at your event. Mix in some Jamaican Rum Punch, several cool cans of Red Stripe and the Jerkshak Soundsystem and you've got yourself a party, whatever the occasion or time of year.

Phone Nicki at the Scott Arms on 01929 480270 to discuss your event.